Our dream is for every individual to learn about the hardworking farmers who grow their food, the artisans who craft their chocolate, and the inherent benefits of each ingredient to the nourishment of their body and soul. We aspire to create a ripple effect of knowledge and appreciation that transcends borders and cultures, fostering a deeper connection between consumers and the sources of their sustenance.


Every cocoa bean, every fruit, every nut that graces our chocolates is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the farmers we proudly partner with. We believe in fostering meaningful connections, bridging the gap between field and fork, and spreading joy through the simple pleasure of indulging in exquisite chocolate handcrafted with care and reverence.

Our Story

Tsokolatè (Cho-ko-latè) is the Filipino word for chocolate! Born in the States & raised in the Philippines - I grew up with a cacao tree in our backyard & every week, my mother would teach me how to make tableya.

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