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Tabléa ala D' Margarita - House Dark Hot Chocolate

Tabléa ala D' Margarita - House Dark Hot Chocolate

In the land of cocoa, where dreams take flight,

Resides Tablea, a chocolatey delight.

Cocoa nibs with grace,

A taste whisks up a grin on your face.

Sip it slow or munch with glee,

A delectable adventure, just wait and see.

A nod to her mom, a name so bright,

Tablea D' Margarita, a pure delight.

In each chocolate disc, tradition takes flight,

In each cocoa chip, memories ignite.


What is Tabléa?

Tabléa is a traditional Filipino dark hot chocolate made from pure roasted cacao beans shaped into discs that resembles gold coins. Tabléa is typically drank for breakfast and merienda (afternoon snack) along with bread, sticky rice & mangoes or by itself.

Our cacao beans are ethically sourced.

Ingredients: cacao beans, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter 

10% of proceeds goes to IMI - a non-profit that rescues children from labor trafficking. 

How to make “Sikwati” (Filipino dark hot chocolate)

Yields: (4) 2oz cups of hot Filipino dark chocolate

  • Boil 1 cup water in sauce pan.

  • Add in (9) discs of Tabléa by Tsokolatè & reduce heat to medium-low

  • With a wire whisk, whisk the chocolate until it thickens about 5-7 minutes.

  • Serve in 2oz espresso cups.

Regulat Hot Milk Chocolate

Yields: (1) cup of hot milk chocolate

  • In a sauce pan, simmer (1) cup water or milk.

  • Add in (5) discs of Tabléa by Tsokolatè & reduce heat to low. Whisk until fully incorporated. Serve.


The story behind the name:

Tabléa ala D’ Margarita was named after Chef Jan’s mother in honor of her teaching her how to make Tabléa from their own cacao tree. Their mother taught them how to harvest, ferment, dry, roast, grind and shape the Tabléa.

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